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"River did an exceptional job. He understands characters in multiple situations and recorded several interpretations of each situation. He has a great voice and makes a great character. He will be a valuable asset to any project."

Ken Merrel, CCI

"I was sitting here listening to this, and even only hearing one side of the scene, I was laughing. You got his douchiness just right! Very skillfully done, sir. Bravo!"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, HitRECORD

"I found River's voice to be absolutely beautiful and sympathetic, while having the strength I needed."

Dean Dodrill, Humble Hearts LLC

Who am I?


River Kanoff is an actor, musician and producer known for "Dust: An Elysian Tail," "HitRECord on TV," "dreadOut" and "Blackhole."

He is known to step in to multiple post-production credits after being cast in projects, including soundtrack composition, special effects, casting, editing and direction.

He runs a self-titled "social media presence" called "solidStudios" that shares advice and opportunities with young, learning creative artists from all crafts. He is an editor and commentator for the YouTube channel "Asobi." He has produced several audio dramas and is working with director Mojtaba Bakhtiariazad to form an audio drama production company.

At a young age, River took an interest in sketch comedy groups active on YouTube. Without a group of like-minded friends to work with, he worked with his sisters creating sketches and teaching himself the basics of video/audio production. Eventually he began to recognize voices from cartoons and games and started researching voice-over. After years of imitating accents and learning vocal techniques, he moved to Los Angeles and is currently pursuing acting full-time.

He has trained under Charlie Adler, Brian Cummings, Chris Borders, Zach Hanks, Terry Daniel, Bill Holmes, Scott David, Brent Noel and Rick Allen Lippert. He earned his BA at OCCC in 2011.

My Studio


I record in a soundproofed closet (which I lovingly refer to as "the booth") using a Samson Zoom H4n, mounted on an OnStage Boom Mic Stand, an SP-01 shock supressor, 3 PS-01 Pop Filters and a Sterling VoxGuard. I read my lines off of an LCD monitor connected to a Raspberry Pi Model B with Wi-Fi, and wireless mouse/keyboard, so as to minimize the noise that usually comes with reading copy from a computer. (Not pictured here.)

Directed sessions are preferred, but I am able to self-direct as needed.

Get in touch

To reach River about recording for your game, commercial, audio book, voicemail or anything else, contact him at RiverKVO [at] GMail [dot] com.