My Recent Work






"River is exceptionally reliable and a nice guy to work with. He's probably one of the top 5 Odesk freelancers I've ever worked with and I will certainly use him again. A+!"

Mark McDonald

"Quick and fast delivery with lots of variation to choose from. Very professional and a joy to work with. Quality is up there with the pro's. Will use again."

"10 out of 5 stars. Top notch service. A+++++ ... Highly recommended."

"Absolutely perfect the very first time..."

"Great audio and character voices."

"Absolutely the best voice over on fiverr. Thank you!!!"


"River did an exceptional job. He understands characters in multiple situations and recorded several interpretations of each situation. He has a great voice and makes a great character. He will be a valuable asset to any project."

Ken Merrel, CCI

"I was sitting here listening to this, and even only hearing one side of the scene, I was laughing. You got his douchiness just right! Very skillfully done, sir. Bravo!"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, HitRECORD

"I found River's voice to be absolutely beautiful and sympathetic, while having the strength I needed."

Dean Dodrill, Humble Hearts LLC

Who am I?


River Dain Kanoff was born in Washington D.C. on June 11, 1989, to Ronald and Georgina Kanoff. A Navy brat, his family moved frequently. They've lived in DC, Virginia, Guam, and Oklahoma, though when asked where he's from, River will usually just say "from all over." He is currently living in Southern California.

He graduated June 2007 and enrolled at Oklahoma City Community College soon after, and is pursuing a degree in the Theatre Arts. He has transferred to Riverside Community College and hopes to finish his schooling while pursuing his career. He has obtained his A+ and MCDST Certifications in a Network Technology course at Francis-Tuttle Technology Center.

Like most everyone, from a young age, River set out to discover his talents and try to decide on what he would grow up to do for a living. Starting from interests such as scientists, astronauts, detectives and spies, he began to move from hobby to talent, discovering his ability to play drums, alongside his love for music. This eventually sparked a small talent for songwriting, which he uses now and then for freelance film composing, and often just for something to listen to. He is currently working freelance, playing drums, guitars, or providing vocals where needed.

Late 2006, River took an interest in voice acting, following the works of certain voice actors, such as David Hayter and Quinton Flynn, and studying to find out how he himself could "break into" voice over. After a few months, he found the Voice Acting Alliance forums, and immediately began trying out for various roles. He has since been acclaimed for being prompt with recording roles, having achieved his own distinct voice, and is frequently preferred by various producers when a male role is urgently needed.

He currently heads a small but growing group of talented voices, writers and artists called "solidStudios."

My Studio

    I record in a soundproofed closet (which I lovingly refer to as "the booth") using a Samson Zoom H4n, mounted on an OnStage Boom Mic Stand, an SP-01 shock supressor, 3 PS-01 Pop Filters and a Sterling VoxGuard. I read my lines off of an LCD monitor connected to a Raspberry Pi Model B with Wi-Fi, and wireless mouse/keyboard, so as to minimize the noise that usually comes with reading copy from a computer. (Picture soon!)

    I have recorded in other, more professionally-equipped studios before, and prefer it to recording alone, but am ready and able to record from home if you need me to!

Get in touch

To reach River about recording for your game, commercial, audio book, voicemail or anything else, contact him at RiverKVO [at] GMail [dot] com.